Tyres are something we often take for granted, but they are actually one of the most important safety features of any vehicle. They impact general handling, the ability to maneuver around corners and provide grip in extreme conditions such as rain and snow.
Tyres should be considered an investment for your car, as the benefits of regularly replacing and maintaining tyres far outweigh the initial costs involved. Did you know properly inflated and maintained tyres can improve petrol mileage by up to 3.3 percent. With petrol prices as high as they are at the moment, this can mean a serious cash saving over the period of a year or more.

Wheel alignments and Balancing

Few people realise how important it is to get their car wheels regularly aligned, but ideally, you should have your wheels serviced once every six months (or every 10,000km). At Noel's we can carry out any wheel balancing, alignment or rotation that your vehicle needs, and also conduct any puncture or repair work.

Improper alignment is a major cause of premature tyre wear. A properly aligned vehicle adds 100s of kms to the life of your tyres and will stop your car dragging to the side of the road. With all the system components aligned properly, road shock is more efficiently absorbed for a smoother ride.
Balancing helps prevent uneven wear of your tyres and eliminates vibration. It also protects the suspension, steering system and bearings of your vehicle. A wheel is out of balance when one area is heavier or lighter than the rest. This will cause:
  • Uneven and rapid tread wear
  • Vibration of steering wheel

Pre-purchase Inspection

To prevent the purchase of a new car costing you more than you expect, Noel's can also provide a writen pre-purchase inspection report, if you are unsure of what to look for or how to spot potential problems.

Tyre Repair

Repairing a tyre is not as straightforward as you first might think.
A tyre must always be checked thoroughly before it is repaired. If the tyre displays any of the following, it should not be repaired;
  • Illegal tread depth
  • Run flat damage - breakdown of the tyre's structural integrity
  • Secondary damage - caused by the injuring object
  • Ageing/deterioration of tyre rubber
  • Bead damage
  • Exposed cords
  • Faulty/poor previous repairs
  • Sidewall damage
Inspection is vital - if you have any doubts about whether or not a tyre should be repaired, do not repair it.
To repair your tyre we use a combination plug which is a permanent repair that will last the life of the tyre. We can repair all tyres that are repairable but we will not repair tyres that are not road worthy.
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With the world’s largest range of specialty sizes, offroad tread patterns and carcass constructions, you too can experience the legendary performance of Mickey Thompson’s offroad 4x4 tyres….and Be Part of the Legend.

Noel's is a family owned and operated business with over 30 years experience in the Brisbane automotive industry, our high quality workmanship and knowledgeable staff are what has created our excellent reputation.

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