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Common car air conditioning problems and causes

Cars have warning lights on the dashboard to alert you to issues with anything from your tyre pressure to your engine. Cars don’t generally offer a specific warning for air conditioning. Your vehicle may give you small signs that there’s an issue – a bad smell when you turn on the A/C or blowing warm air instead of cool. In most cases, whatever symptoms you’re seeing in your air conditioning system can be caused by more than one problem. We list the common car air conditioning causes and problems.

My car air conditioning is blowing warm air

This might seem to happen all at once or it may happen over time. The airflow is as strong, but the air isn’t as cool. This is often caused by a leak, but it can also be caused by clogs or damaged parts, such as the condenser, blower or compressor. A leak by itself is often easy to fix and not too expensive, however, if left unrepaired, it can compromise the system and cause further damage over time.

My car air conditioning is emitting a bad smell

Foul odour often means that there’s mould or mildew in the A/C system. It could also indicate that the filter needs to be changed. Studies have found that harmful strands of bacteria can survive in car air conditioning systems. If motorists leave the bacteria in place, it can cause sickness and respiratory problems as it gets blown into the cabin of the vehicle and inhaled by passengers. If you are concerned, get you’re A/C checked by a mechanic as soon as possible.

My car air conditioning isn’t consistent

A problem that comes and goes can be extremely frustrating. If your car air conditioning sometimes runs well and sometimes doesn’t, there might be a few different causes. It could be a blown fuse or a leak in one of the seals. More serious possibilities include issues with the compressor or compressor clutch. There might also be a clog in the system.

The airflow isn’t as strong as before

Is the air weak, even at the highest settings? If you are experiencing a weak force, then you will want to check your car’s cabin air filter and make sure there is nothing obstructing the airway. The issue might be something as simple as a loose hose or seal that needs to be replaced. It might be more invasive, like a faulty fan. Weak airflow can also be caused by a build-up of mildew in the system.

Can I fix my car air conditioning myself?

There are some things that a novice can fix themselves, though it’s not recommended that you try to repair the car A/C without the knowledge of an expert. If you’re handy, you might be able to check and change a blown fuse or change the air filter for the cabin. If you don’t have any idea what the problem is, it’s best to get a competent mechanic to diagnose and repair the issue.

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