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How to tell when your car needs new tyres

An important safety feature of any motor vehicle, the tyres impact on general vehicle handling, ability to manoeuvre on roads and corners and provide grip for extreme weather conditions. To help you better understand how to identify when your vehicle is due for new tyres or a tyre replacement, the team here at Noel’s Progress…
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What’s in a name: top tyre brands and where to buy them in Brisbane?

What is the difference between top tyre brands and cheaper tyres? When buying new tyres, it’s tempting to save your hard-earned cash and go with a cheaper option. After all, what’s the difference between top tyre brands and cheaper alternatives? Surely you are just paying for the name. Rubber is rubber, right? Wrong. A lot…
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Car safety: tips for preparing for a road trip

Before packing up and taking off on your next holiday or weekend away, it’s integral that you first consider car safety and check your vehicle is good to go. Not only will a vehicle check before leaving on a long trip help keep you safe, but it will also help to prevent you winding up…
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The importance of regular car servicing

There are many reasons why regular car servicing is essential to keep up with. Here at Noel’s Progress Road Pitstop in Wacol, we regularly assist our clients with all their automotive needs including servicing and logbook servicing. To help to form a clearer understanding of why it’s so important to keep up with regular car…
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Alloy wheels

Magnificent Mag Wheels Buying Guide

Magnificent mag wheels buying guide In the market for a set of mag wheels? When choosing that specialty item for your pride and joy, there is a lot to consider. Whether you are after black, silver, matte black, gloss black, milled or silver, it helps to seek expert advice to ensure you find compatible makes…
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Engine lights – what does it mean?

When your engine light comes on, what should you do? An engine light means that engine performance is being impacted, hurting your fuel consumption and wallet as you pay for more fuel. Get your vehicle checked by a mechanic as soon as possible. Is it safe to drive with the engine light on? In many…
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