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Don’t buy a lemon! The importance of pre-purchase vehicle inspections

Are you looking for a reliable used car of four-wheel drive in Brisbane? Being informed as possible will help you avoid buying a lemon. Defects may not be visible but if not detected, can end up hurting your hip pocket later. In this blog, we outline the importance of pre-purchase car and 4WD inspections and provide you with the tools and resources to hopefully help you make an informed buying decision.

The importance of a pre-purchase vehicle inspection

If you’re in the market for a second-hand car or 4WD, getting a pre-purchase inspection done by a professional mechanic before handing over your hard-earned money will help give you added peace of mind. During the inspection, an experienced mechanic will visually check over the vehicle and take it for a road test to make sure that everything is working as it should and that there are no apparent issues.

Does a pre-purchase inspection involve fixing problems?

A pre-purchase inspection aims to notify the buyer of any problems with the vehicle. It is not designed to fix any of these problems, however you can ask a qualified mechanic for a quote for any mechanical issues highlighted in the inspection.

Do your research on the vehicles you are targeting

Make a list of vehicles you are interested in and research all the models. Find out about price points, repair costs and common defects. Talk to a reputable mechanic. What will the car be worth in another few years? What are the common issues facing a particular model? Is the car or 4WD due for new tyres? Having a keen eye for weak points will give you bargaining power.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

When it comes to buying a reliable used car, there’s no such thing as a silly question. Have a thinktank with your partner and/or family members and make a list of questions you would like to ask the seller. A reputable seller or dealer will gladly provide the answers. Has the car or 4WD been involved in any collisions? What is the mileage? How many previous owners have there been? What are the reasons for selling the car? Has there been any electrical damage? Does the vehicle come with a spare keyless remote? (keyless entry systems are expensive)

Do a physical assessment

Before taking a vehicle for a test drive, do a physical assessment of the car. Australia has been hit by floods and fires in recent years and you don’t want to buy someone else’s problem. Look for rust, flood damage or signs of body repair that could lead to potential headaches.

Test drive on a road where you can hit 100km/hr

If you’re buying a used vehicle, we recommend that you test drive it in a large parking lot and on a road where you can go a bit faster than 100km/hr. Pay attention to the functioning of the lights, power windows, heating, air conditioning, windscreen wipers, brakes, and the steering wheel alignment.

What is involved with a pre-purchase inspection at Noel’s Progress Road Pitstop?

Being as informed as possible will help you avoid buying a lemon. How can you be informed if you don’t perform a pre-purchase car or 4WD inspection? A pre-purchase inspection at Noel’s Progress Road Pitstop inspects most aspects of a vehicle, including exterior and interior checks, as well as checking the engine bay, wheels and tyres, brakes and suspension. The vehicle will then be taken for a road test to check for engine and transmission operation. Our experts have seen many types of vehicles in almost every condition and can give you an expert and unbiased opinion on the vehicle you are looking at purchasing. As well as providing you with a thorough inspection, we also give you a written pre-purchase inspection report for ultimate peace of mind.

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