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What’s in a name: top tyre brands and where to buy them in Brisbane?

What is the difference between top tyre brands and cheaper tyres?

When buying new tyres, it’s tempting to save your hard-earned cash and go with a cheaper option. After all, what’s the difference between top tyre brands and cheaper alternatives? Surely you are just paying for the name. Rubber is rubber, right? Wrong. A lot of advanced engineering technology goes into the high-performance tyres produced by premium tyre manufacturers.

Affordable top tyre brands in Brisbane

At Noel’s Progress Road Pitstop, we pride ourselves on selling the best tyres at the best possible prices. We sell the following brands: Kumho, Toyo, Mickey Thompson, Pirelli, Yokohama, Goodyear, Dunlop and Bridgestone.

Top tyre brands provide durability

Durability is determined by several factors. As a rule, if a tyre has softer rubber, it will perform better. Unfortunately for drivers, this also means the tread will wear down faster over time. Tyres that have harder rubber will last longer. Tyres that are reinforced and have sturdy sidewalls will also last longer. You can’t see these characteristics for yourself since the tread covers up the steel frame. Talk to your tyre expert at Noel’s Progress Road Pitstop about tyre construction before you buy.

Top tyre brands offer better handling and tread

Tread is an important consideration for choosing tyres that will best meet your driving needs. Better quality tyres handle better. The thickness and pattern of the tread can sometimes drive up the price. Thicker tread with wider grooves will help your vehicle handle better in mud, rain, snow and ice. However, the thicker tread will also make more noise while you’re driving. Thinner tyres typically have thinner tread for dry driving conditions. They will give you a quieter drive but they won’t grip as well.

Top tyre brands offer more comfort

Your ride will be much smoother with a higher-quality tyre. Of course, better quality often comes a higher price tag.

Top tyre brands have a shorter breaking distance

Each tyre has an estimated braking distance. The shorter the braking distance, the more effective the tyre is and the more expensive it is likely to be.

Top tyre brands offer a quieter ride and better performance

Cheaper tyres are often made with less rubber and construction isn’t as strong. These tyres tend to be louder while driving. Top brand tyres will provide vastly better performance across a broader range of road conditions than a cheap budget tyre.

Top tyre brands provide less drag

A higher drag makes it harder for your vehicle to work, thereby driving up your fuel costs. Tyres with a higher drag will put more wear on your car and cost you more money in petrol and repairs in the long run. 

Whether you require new tyres or need to check for eventual tyre replacement, all of this should be done in the name of safety. Naturally, you want quality, reliability and value for your money, not to mention genuine, personalised service.

For top tyre brands in Brisbane – at an affordable price –  call Noel’s Progress Road Pitstop on 07 3271 1509. Or you can visit us at We’ve been around for the past 30 years and our high-quality workmanship is well-known in the Brisbane automotive industry.

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